Authentic Indonesian flavors from various regions across Indonesia dominate TeSaTe’s menu, with each dish interpreted in a modern fashion so that it could appeal to all of our senses. At TeSaTe, Indonesian cuisine is given a makeover and brought up to code in a very distinct manner. Food presentation is highly regarded at TeSaTe, with every dish being presented magnificently. Besides the focus on coming up with delicious food and keeping up the variety of its menu, TeSaTe is also committed to utilizing only the best quality ingredients for each recipe and placing more attention towards food presentation and creative innovation while still maintaining the focus on authenticity in flavor.

A meal is never complete without the refreshing touch of a dessert and drinks. Aligning with the parent brand TeSaTe, TeKoTe comes to reinvent traditional Indonesian snacks, drinks and desserts. The menu at TeKoTe brings to life an extensive selection of local light meals and refreshments with a novel approach: they are brought up to date with a unique contemporary overtone. Presentation plays a very important role in the serving of a menu item, and TeKoTe takes it up a notch by presenting each and every one of them in an immaculate, inventive, and attractive manner.