TeSaTe was launched in 2008, aims to introduce the rich and diverse Indonesian culinary landscape to the world by creatively interpreting the finest of the nation’s cuisines selected from across the archipelago, including its rarest and most exotic of dishes. With the intention of honoring, preserving, and celebrating the authenticity of the country’s traditional cuisines, TeSaTe takes guests on "A Flavorful Journey through Indonesia" by way of its wide selection of time-honored dishes and personalized service in a stylish, modern yet casual setting. Dynamic and energetic to its core, TeSaTe is the perfect venue for guests to commemorate milestones or enjoy a night out while surrounded by inspiring, honest-to-goodness Indonesian cuisine.

In order to further strengthen TeSaTe brand, TeKoTe was introduced in 2019, as part of TeSaTe, with its location still inside TeSaTe outlets. TeKoTe also shares the same goals and vision with its parent brand, yet emphasizing more on local drinks, snacks, and desserts. “Variety” is still very much the byword for TeKoTe as well, with its menu packed with a multifarious selection of delights that are guaranteed to bring a smile to Indonesians whose palates yearn for a return to a more traditional flavor yet with a modern touch and to those who have never tasted the best that this country’s cuisine has to offer. TeKoTe excellently complements TeSaTe in its attempt to safeguard, innovate, and celebrate Indonesian cuisine and its authentic flavors.