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TeSaTe, a flavourful journey through Indonesia

Together with our reknowned satay, TeSaTe also offfers other authentic and original selection such as Nasi Merah Ikan Roa – Indonesian red rice that is made into a fried rice and paired with celebs tuna fish and a bowl of tart, sweet and chili soup. Nasi Tutug is exotic tutug rice is served with speciality seafood, poultry and vegetables dishes from West Java; while Nasi Liwet Semarang is a traditional dish of coconut rice combined with meat and vegetable dishes from Central Java. A favourite is Soto Betawi; this is a staple Batavian soup, deliciously combining tomatoes, beef and coconut milk broth, balanced with a squirt of lime and accompanied by an array condiments, such as pickled cucumber, carrots, bird’s eye chilies, shallots, candlenut crackers, and many more.

In Jakarta, you can find TeSaTe outlets in Plaza Senayan, Pacific Place and the lastest on in Menteng. The eclectic ambience of contemporary Indonesia elevates TeSaTe dining experience. As a heaven of fine cuisine adn outstanding service, TeSaTe is the ideal destination to enjoy a flavourful journey through Indonesia.

Famous People

Some of famous people that share their happines while eating at TeSaTe Restaurant.

Press Conference Mahabharata Comic Launch

Jakarta, December 12, 2014 - SARI RASA NUSANTARA that introduce and manage a restaurant Tesate, Sate Khas Senayan, and Sate Khas Express - coinciding with the celebration of 40 years of culinary journey - today re-launched its newest Comics, Mahabharata. The launch event held in Tesate Restaurant Pacific Place, Jakarta.

Working closely with Anjaya Books, Comics Mahabhrata reissue works R.A. Kosasih (late) done with a touch of modern art without losing the original essence contained therein. So that this work can be enjoyed by more people, especially young people of Indonesia.

"Not just entertaining, the story of the puppet especially Mahabharata give a very deep impression," said Benny Hadisurjo, President CV Sari Rasa Nusantara. "The strength of character of the characters in it, with all the advantages and disadvantages of them, teaches us the value - the value of truth. Is longing for me so that we can always appreciate and love the culture of Indonesia "

Since its founding in 1974, SARI RASA NUSANTARA been actively engaged in conservation efforts to lift the culinary culture of the archipelago of Indonesia, especially Java. Variety of typical Indonesian menu option has been successfully touched all walks of both indigenous and foreign Indonesia until now.

The success of this event would not be separated from the role of Djarum Foundation  as Main Sponsor and the Pacific Place Mall, which continues to provide support for the smooth this comic launch event.

CV Sari Rasa Nusantara hope Mahabharata Comic can be beneficial to all parties who are interested and feel compelled to get to know the culture of Indonesia. And of course be one small step opening that started the next step in the future in participating actively participate in preserving the culture of Indonesia, especially the art of puppetry.

Comic Mahabharata Sales to the public will begin in January 2015 across the Restaurant owned by CV Sari Rasa Nusantara.